Re: Presentation of E-mail policies (cross-posted)

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Thu, 24 Jun 1999 08:30:55 -0700 (PDT)

Does anyone know who the distributor is of the film "Making Visits Count?"

>>> Harold David Rennie <> 06/24 10:10 AM >>>

Cross-posted to H-Net and videolib: please excuse any duplications!

I have been approached to write a script for a video that explains
a government e-mail policy (that is, use of e-mail by civil servants).

My own student research has included studies of how policies (public or
administrative) are
communicated (though it dates back to the days before widespread use of
e-mail and definitely
before the creation of the Web!), and what impact they have had on the
work of public servants (so I will be cross-posting this to a couple of
public policy lists as well). This may be a chance to apply some of
what I learned. But I am sure that there has been other stuff written
since I did my own research!

I remember reading a bit of legal research back in 1994 about liability
of employers for messages (eg, hate mail) sent out by their staffs.
However, I expect (and would hope) that more has been written in this
area since then, and not just about the legal aspects.

So my question is: Can anyone offer any advice or references about
research or experience in
this area, and not just the legal area (whether from scholars or
practitioners)? And to the people on videolib, do you know of any similar
videos that have already been produced? How effective have they been?
Any particularly innovative approaches?

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I felt that the question needed some

Best regards, and thanks in advance.

Harold Rennie