Video Genres, Experimental Films etc...

Slonosky, Andrea (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 06:41:54 -0700 (PDT)

This is our list of browser/genre categories. As our collection is large
enough to be daunting, it is neccessary to break it down as much as possible
so that people have a better chance of finding what they are looking for.
Some of these categories (health, social science, history) are being broken
down still further as they have proven to be too general.
We also have a document describing how we assign browser categories, if
anyone is interested. 7-day films are usually non-fiction films. All others
are regarded as fiction or feature films and are 3-day films. Experimental
films, work by video artists,films about artists work, etc are usually filed
under Fine Arts Assorted. We do buy them and they circulate regularly.

Andrea Slonosky
Librarian, Film & Video Unit
Central Library
Queens Borough Public Library
Jamaica, NY

Film/Video Browser Categories

Adventure (A-Z)
African Cinema
African-American Culture (7-day)
African American History (7-day)
Animals (7-day)
Art and Painting (7-day)
Art Instruction (7-day)
Aviation (7-day)
Bengali Films
Biography (A-Z) (7-days)
Business and Management (7-day)
Cantonese Films
Cantonese Films with English Subtitles
Careers (7-day)
Children's Animation
Children's Educational (7-day)
Children's Fairy Tales
Children's Films
Children's Holidays
Children's Music (7-day)
Classical Music (7-day)
Colleges (7-day)
Comedy (A-Z)
Comedy Performances (7-day)
Computers (7-day)
Cooking (7-day)
Crafts and Hobbies (7-day)
Crime (A-Z)
Dance Instruction (7-day)
Dance Performances (7-day)
Deaf Culture (7-day)
Descriptive Videos (7-day)
Drama (A-Z)
ESL Instruction (7-day)
Exercise (7-day)
Fantasy (A-Z)
Filipino Films
Fine Arts - Assorted (7-day)
French Films
Gay and Lesbian Films (7-day)
GED Math (7-day)
GED Orientation and Test Tips (7-day)
GED Reading (7-day)
GED Spanish (7-day)
GED Writing (7-day)
German Films
Gospel (7-day)
Health (7-day)
Hindi Films
History (7-day)
History Series (7-day)
Home Improvement (7-day)
Horror (A-Z)
Italian Films
Japanese Films
Jazz and Blues (7-day)
Language Instruction (7-day)
Library Science (7-day)
Literature (7-day)
Mandarin Films
Mandarin Films with English Subtitles
Martial Arts
Mathematics (7-day)
Movies and TV (7-day)
Multicultural (7-day)
Music Instruction (7-day)
Musicals (A-Z)

Native-American History (7-day)
Nature (7-day)
Opera (7-day)
Parenting (7-day)
Personal Finance (7-day)
Philosophy (7-day)
Popular Music (7-day)
Pure Sciences - Assorted (7-day)
Reading Instruction (7-day)
Religion (7-day)
Russian Films
Science Fiction
Self-Help (7-day)
Shakespeare (7-day)
Silent Films
Social Sciences - Assorted (7-day)
Spanish Films
Spanish Films with English Subtitles
Spanish Non-Fiction (7-day)
Sports and Recreation (7-day)
Star Trek
Substance Abuse (7-day)
Swedish Films
Taiwanese Films
Taiwanese Films with English Subtitles
Technology - Assorted (7-day)
Teluga Films
Test Preparation (7-day)
Trains (7-day)
Travel (7-day)
True Crime (7-day)
Unexplained Phenomena (7-day)
Urdu Films
War Films
Women's Studies (7-day)
World Cinema
World Music (7-day)