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>Hi all,
>I hope some of you might be interested in the following job posting.
>Please share it far and wide with lists or individuals who might be
>interested. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful summer.
>Janis L. Dickens, Director Phone (831) 459-3429
>Media Services FAX (831) 459-8206
>McHenry Library email
>University of California, Santa Cruz 95064
>Title: Media Development Librarian
>Rank: Assistant Librarian/Associate Librarian
>Appointment Salary Range: $32,292-$41,328
>Position available: September 1, 1999
>The University Library at UC Santa Cruz is seeking a Media Development
>Librarian who will serve as the Head of the Media Center and Language Lab.
>The incumbent will manage the Media Center and its collections of audio and
>video recordings and other resources, and will facilitate instructional use
>of nonprint interactive materials and electronic resources across the campus.
>Position and Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the Director of
>Media Services, and in collaboration with other Media Services units, the
>Media Development Librarian (MDL) will promote the use of media and
>instructional technologies. The MDL will supervise 2 staff in the Media
>Center and Language Lab, oversee public services and public computing
>stations, and address preservation and copyright issues. The MDL will work
>with faculty to promote the use of media in instruction and research,
>collaborate with subject bibliographers and reference librarians in the
>development of nonprint collections and their use, and offer instruction in
>the use of nonprint, electronic, and World Wide Web resources. As a member
>of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC), the
>MDL will participate in other University Library and systemwide activities
>as well as in professional organizations of media specialists.
>Required: ALA-accredited graduate degree (or equivalent degree); strong
>computer and technical abilities; good communication and presentation
>skills; ability to work flexibly in the rapidly changing environment of
>nonprint resources and reference services; strong commitment to public
>service in an academic environment; and excellent organizational skills.
>Preferred: Demonstrated experience with nonprint media and Internet
>resources. Supervisory skills and experience. Graduate degree or equivalent
>background in one or more of the following areas: music, performing arts,
>film, video, television or instructional technology. Experience with
>development of websites and multimedia presentation software.
>The Campus, The Library and Media Services
>One of the nine campuses of the University of California, UCSC is nestled
>within 2,000 acres of redwood forest and meadows, overlooking the Monterey
>Bay National Marine Sanctuary on California's beautiful central coast,
>about 70 miles from San Francisco and 30 miles from the Silicon Valley. The
>Campus enrolls over 10,000 students, of whom 1,000 are graduate students.
>The library collection of more than 1 million volumes is growing at a rate
>of 30,000 volumes annually. The library has a staff of 140, of whom 31 are
>The Media Center is one of five units within the University Library's Media
>Services section which support media usage, research, and classroom
>instruction. Media Services staff provide and repair equipment, acquire and
>process nonprint resources, design and technically maintain campus
>classrooms, promote teaching excellence, support distance learning, and
>produce and provide multi-media products for instructional use. The Media
>Center's collections which include 2600 CDs, 2000 video and interactive
>laserdiscs, l0,000 LP records, and 300 interactive CD-Rom titles interface
>with CRUZCAT, UCSC's online public access catalog. Cataloging and
>circulation record keeping are managed by the library's integrated online
>To apply: Applicants should supply a letter of application which includes a
>complete statement of their qualifications, a resume of their education and
>experience, as well as three letters of reference referring to the
>candidates qualifications specifically related to the position posting.
>Referees should include their name, address, e-mail address, and telephone
>All letters and documents will be treated as confidential documents and
>should be addressed to:
>Kate McGirr, AUL-Human Resources Please refer to position T98-49 in
>your reply.
>University Library
>University of California, Santa Cruz
>1156 High Street
>Santa Cruz, CA 95064
>Phone: (831) 459-2076 Fax: (831) 459-8206 e-mail:
>Closing date: The deadline for application is August 16, 1999
> For further information visit the UCSC Library at:
> and Media Services website at:

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