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Charles V. Dintrone (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:37:03 -0700 (PDT)

A couple of years ago I ran into a Ron Decook at my library. He was
checking the library out because his son was going to attend SDSU. Anyway,
after chatting with him, it turns out he has rights to many Show of Shows
tapes as he is a relative of Max Leibman. He sent me a sample tape but we
never bought any. His contact information is as follows:
Ron DeCook, 415-460-0102, FAX 415 421-0827, e-mail RDECOOK@AOL.COM. Some of
this information may be out of date since it comes from 1997.

At 03:51 PM 6/15/99 -0700, you wrote:
>We have a prof looking for any available videotapes for rent from the Sid
>Caesar hey-days of early television:
>Your Show of Shows
>The Best of Your Show of Shows
>Ten from Your Show of Shows
>Caesars Hour
>Do any of you have rentals available, or even a source of purchase for such?
>Thanks in advance from Nanc.....
>Nancy Grayum, Classroom Services Coordinator
>Academic Technology & User Services
>Western Washington University
>Bellingham WA 98225-9094
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