Re: facets

John Holland (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:50:03 -0700 (PDT)

Perhaps some of you from out of town aren't aware of this, but Facets was
(is) first and foremost a theater which shows lots of foreign and
independent films that otherwise wouldn't get a screening. I don't know
how it is worded in their charter, but I would imagine it is comparable to
museum status. They have a mission to make great works of "non-commercial"
cinema available to the public, and their video sales and rentals are
there to support this, as with a museum store. Remember, the Metropolitan
Museum is tax-exempt, yet they make a lot of money with their catalog and
satellite shops around the country. As long as they are not selling stuff
which has nothing to do with their mission, they don't endanger their
tax-exempt status. (I used to work for Home Vision, and sold to museum
stores, so I have some idea of their MO). The definitive word on this
should, of course, come from Milos Stehlik. More power to Facets - we
could stand to have more places like this around the country!

John Holland
Chicago Public Library
Film/Video Center