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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 08:31:23 -0700 (PDT)

In defense of Facets, yes, non-profits do have to make money, at least the
good ones do. I'm sure that almost no organization is 100% funded or
guaranteed of funding and in the fiscally-responsible 90s, it is their
responsibility to balance the budget and use their profit to further promote
and gain "customers." Hopefully, the people who buy the schlock (and there's
some people who would think that the Hong Kong Action flicks are in this
category and others who think this is great cinema) will also buy Herzog's
Nosferatu. Like the Film Forum in New York City, sometimes doing your job
very well and competing against the for-profits for customers means that they
will upset some people. It's happens to me in distribution when I lose a film
to Woman Make Movies or MoMA and I accept it after grumbling a little to
myself. (Then I call up and congratulate them)

The best-selling schlock and howlers also help pay for those Eastern European
dramas that sell only a hundred copies and would be unavailable without

As for Sizzle Beach, USA, perhaps we should apply the Langlois theory that
one never knows what film will have value to future generations. I look
forward to this fine auteurist work of art making the AFI 200 list in 2098.

Or perhaps, at worst, it's a momentary easement of their usual standards for
the fun of it. Milos will have to send us each a copy so we can judge for
ourselves. (I personally want the director's cut.)

As for where they draw the line on what they'll sell, knowing Milos and his
staff, I assume they make this kind of judgement every day.

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video

In a message dated 6/15/99 9:41:36 AM, writes:

<< I wonder about Facets.
I have ordered a number of foreign films from them over years, and have
been generally
well- satisfied with the company, and happy to find a single source for
such a variety of movies.
It is a non-profit....and tax-exempt...
yet it markets very aggressively, sends out many fliers,
and seems to be competing directly with for-profit mail-order
video businesses.

Also, it relies heavily on sensational premotions.
Witness the current flier:
"100 best drive- in stuff in French film!..."

Then, inside, this description of a film called
"Sizzle Beach,USA"... " ...this super-dumb, suber bad T&A flick
was sensibley shelved for more than a decade....this inept time-waster does
offer some compensation
in the form of the lovely, acting-impaired leading ladies who strut their
stuff in a nearly plotless tale of love
on the beach."

So why is Facets distributing this one, as well as so many other low-budget
To make money (they're non-profit, remember)? Is this supposed to be
funny or what?
Where do they draw the line on what they will sell? >>