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Jessica (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 08:26:16 -0700 (PDT)

I for one believe that ALL films have merit. I have no problem with Facets
selling cheapie titles.
My Company. Kino just put out a set of thirties exploitation films which we
were very proud to say were mastered from archival material. It isn't
everyone who goes to the Library of Congress to get access to NARCOTIC by
that great Autuer Dwain Esper. THe point is what we today see as a stupid
worthless film maybe someone's dissertation topic in 30 years.

My greatest achievement in film preservation was to facilitate the
donation of some 800 porn prints to the Kinsey Institute. As a history major
gone wrong I would never dismiss any films at least for their cultural
worth. My favorite film of all time, KISS ME DEADLY was condemned as a
violent,disgusting worthless film by virtually all American critics when it
was released in 1955
So I have no problem if Facets wants to carry Sizzle Beach or the best of
Pamela Anderson
I wish they wouldn't carry certain illegal films like THE SORROW AND THE
PITY but they can
have all the junk they can sell

Jessica Rosner
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>Subject: facets
>Date: Tue, Jun 15, 1999, 2:38 PM

>I wonder about Facets.
>I have ordered a number of foreign films from them over years, and have
>been generally
>well- satisfied with the company, and happy to find a single source for
>such a variety of movies.
>It is a non-profit....and tax-exempt...
>yet it markets very aggressively, sends out many fliers,
>and seems to be competing directly with for-profit mail-order
>video businesses.
>Also, it relies heavily on sensational premotions.
>Witness the current flier:
>"100 best drive- in stuff in French film!..."
>Then, inside, this description of a film called
>"Sizzle Beach,USA"... " ...this super-dumb, suber bad T&A flick
>was sensibley shelved for more than a decade....this inept time-waster does
>offer some compensation
>in the form of the lovely, acting-impaired leading ladies who strut their
>stuff in a nearly plotless tale of love
>on the beach."
>So why is Facets distributing this one, as well as so many other low-budget
>To make money (they're non-profit, remember)? Is this supposed to be
>funny or what?
>Where do they draw the line on what they will sell?