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Jim Mumm (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 15:00:33 -0700 (PDT)

I'm curious about Gary's initial comments: I'm not sure that there is any
"legal action" that can be taken against someone who sends out spam. Is there?

As to "cramming their e-mail with garbage", I personally kind of like the idea
but don't think it would have much influence.

First: The people who send out spam usually do so with an automated program.
It's not like someone is actually reading what comes back to them.

Second: People who send out spam usually are trying to build up a database so
they can send out more. They are basically looking for respondents.

Third: These people frequently "move around" quite a bit, so it would be
difficult to track them down. They may also change their aliases so it is even
difficult for their ISP to track them down.

Fourth: Even if responding with lots of junk mail could do something, it won't
stop the next person from spamming you. In fact, it will just add to the mix of
garbage that is going around on the internet, bogging down people's real
research and other internet pursuits.

The best approach to dealing with spam is to do nothing. This won't stop people
from spamming you, but at least you won't give them the satisfaction of getting
access to your e-mail address (which is, after all their goal).

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"Vitali, Elaine" wrote:

> Gosh Gary, I haven't even seen SPAM since my years in the military. I sure > didn't send you any - am I ever glad too as you sound soooo mean, and I know > that you are a nice guy. So perhaps you meant this for someone else ;-) > elaine > > Elaine J. Vitali > Media Services Librarian > Fanshawe College Library > London, Ontario > > > -----Original Message----- > > From: Gary Handman [] > > Sent: Monday, June 07, 1999 3:38 PM > > To: Multiple recipients of list > > Subject: Re: Homeworkers Needed! > > > > I am writing you as manager of a list which you have spammed with your > > unsolicited advertisement. If you do this again, not only will I advise > > all 500 members of this list to cram your email with garbage > > corresponsence, I will also be forced to persue legal action against your > > company with your internet service provider. > > > > Desist at once. > > > > > > > > Gary Handman > > Director > > Media Resources Center > > Moffitt Library > > UC Berkeley 94720-6000 > > > > > > "Everything wants to become television" (James Ulmer -- Teletheory)