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Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:44:48 -0700 (PDT)

I've been living on the planet where the musical hillbilly Darlings--the
boys at least--were played by the Dillards. They never spoke, just picked
and strummed. What about Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson), Andy's pal late in
the series and the town clerk who lived with his mother, Mayor Pike (Dick
Elliott), Mayor Stoner (Parley Baer), town druggist Miss Ellie [Walker]
(Elinor Donahue --nee Princess on Father Knows Best, later one of the
supporting cast on The Odd Couple), Bertha Johnson/Clara Edwards (Aunt
Bea's buddies--both played by Hope Summers), etc.? Of course everyone
knows that the whole show was a spin-off from the Danny Thomas Show episode
where Danny & clan drive from New York to Florida and run afoul of the
traffic laws, Mayberry-style. And how about the town song, "Hail to Thee,
Mayberry"--sung to the tune of O Tannenbaum...
George Lindsey, later a regular on Hee-Haw, was Goober.
Howard McNear played Floyd Lawson--in the last few years of the show, Floyd
was rooted to a chair or stool whenever he was on camera. Paul Hartman
played another town merchant named Emmett Clark in the last few seasons.
Emmett ran a fix-it shop.
Howard Morris played Ernest T. Bass, Betty Lynn played Thelma Lou, Hal
Smith played Otis Campbell, Aneta Corsaut played Helen Crump, Maggie
Peterson played Charlene Darling (who played her paramour, Dud?), but I
don't remember who played Warren, Andy's last deputy, or Brisco Darling,
let alone Rafe Hollister...
And what about the town choir leader?
Then there was Gomer's boss, Wally, who eventually sold the gas station...

Enough! I gotta go....

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At 10:57 AM 6/4/99 -0700, you wrote:
>What planet have you people been living on?
>Ernest T - the mountain man
>Helen Crump - Opie's teacher and Andy's sweetheart
>Thelma lou - Barney's sweetie
>Juanita at the Diner - Barnie's other honey (never seen)
>Brisco Darling and his family "the Darlings" - musical hillbillies
>Mrs. Mendlebright - Barney's landlady
>Rafe Hollister - who wouldn't get inarculated
>--- Jim Glenn <> wrote:
>> Floyd - The Barber
>> Gomer and Goober - Ran the gas station
>> Otis - The town drunk who would let himself into the jail cell
>> Jim Glenn
>> Manager, Media Library
>> University of california, Riverside
>> At 11:26 AM 5/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> >This is a non-serious trivia question that came up in our office, so
>> >take it just as that please.
>> >
>> >Who were all of the characters in the original "Andy Griffith" show and
>> >what did they do? Some are blatently obvious (Andy - Sheriff played by
>> >Andy Griffith, Barnie Fife - Deputy played by Don Knotts, Opie - son
>> >played by Ron(nie) Howard, Aunt B - Aunt played by ???, etc.), but we
>> >were wondering (guessing) who all of the other characters were, so
>> >please respond to the list and have some fun with this one.
>> >
>> >Thanks
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