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Wed, 26 May 1999 12:32:17 -0700 (PDT)

Kris B is absolutely right. You might want to go back into the videolib
archives ( and have a
look at the rather...uh...rancorous conversations regarding this very
point I had with Carolyn Baxley around October of last year.

What's going on here is more than semantics... Roland (and others out
there) seem bent on selling a bad bill of goods to unsuspecting
libraries. It's one thing to differentially price a video based on what
the market will bear (home vs public vs academic); it's something
completely different (and insidious) to pitch this tiered pricing as a
<bold>requirement</bold> for certain kinds of libraries. KB is correct
in pointing out that you only need performance rights if you need them
(i.e. if you're showing the piece to a group in a context other than
face-to-face classroom teaching).

Whether certain distributors try to pull this kind of stunt knowingly or
as a result of ignorance probably varies from case to case; in any case,
it's a scam...

At 10:38 AM 05/26/1999 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi all - I just received a call from the Roland Collection re an order I

>with them. I sent an order for several titles with their home use

>calculated. They are telling me I have to purchase from them at the

>institutional price which includes public performance rights.

>I'm not interested in PPR for these titles as I only intend to lend

>They say I have to pay for *lending* rights. I explained to them that

>is no basis in law for this. What does everyone else think? The price

>twice as much for PPR. What do others do? Just pay it? Thanks for

>your input -



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