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Gary Handman (
Mon, 10 May 1999 08:34:17 -0700 (PDT)

Hi. Don't know of any review articles, but the issue is really not rocket
science in any case:
Video files, whether streamed or downloadable can be embedded in web-based
text with simple html commands.
For an example, take a look at the following two pages we've put up:

The former is a senior thesis with buttons linking to QuickTime files; the
latter, a portion of a doctoral dissertation with streamed QuickTime embedded.

I know of no ejournal articles out there which have attemped such a thing,
probably because of the high bandwidth requirements of getting decent video
images served out...


Gary Handman

PS--what's a "Theoretical Librarian"?--someone who thinks a lot about
cataloging but never does it?

At 08:15 AM 05/10/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone on the list know how this technology works? Sorry
>for being so dumb. Just never read about it until now.
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>To All/
> I am greatly interested in identifying a *review* article that
>discusses the use of embedded multimedia (e.g., audio, video,
>data files, etc.) within e-journals (or e-books), either as supplemental
materials or integrated within the text of an e-article
>(or e-chapter).
> Significant items that discuss this phenomena for a particular
>journal or publisher are also of interest [I'm done a _preliminary_ search
in ERIC, Library Lit, Applied Science and Technology Abstracts, and
EiCompendex, MicroComputer Abstracts, but am not finding
> As Always, Any and All contributions, queries, critiques, comments,
questions, concerns, etc., etc. are Most Welcome.
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