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OK here goes:

Eyes on the Prize II: America at the Racial Crossroads.
Part 1, The Time Has Come, 1964-1966. During the decade of civil rights
protest in the South, a sense of urgency and anger
emerged from the black
communities in the North. This urgency was best
articulated by Malcolm X,
then National Minister of the Nation of Islam. Viewers
follow the trajectory
of Malcolm X's influence, both within the movement and
outside. The
program shows the influence of his philosophy on the
staff of the Student
Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) as they
organized the
Lowndes County Freedom Organization in Alabama and as
they issued the
call for "Black power" during the 1966 Meredith March
Against Fear in
Mississippi. (available from PBS)

Farrakhan, Louis] Louis Farrakhan: Thursday, April 5, 1984 / ABC News.
A television interview with Louis Farrakhan, the
controversial leader of a
Black Muslim sect, concerning threats he made against a
black reporter,
Milton Coleman, who released information regarding Jesse
Jackson's use of
the term "hymie." 41 min. (MPI home video)

An Interview with Louis Farrakhan.
Demagogue or insightful promoter of black
responsibility? In this exclusive
ABC News "Nightline" interview, Ted Koppel and Minister
Farrakhan discuss Farrakhan's incendiary rhetoric and
leadership. Topics probed include Farrakhan's allegedly
statements that have alienated the Jewish community, and
his friendship with
and billion-dollar gift from Libyan leader Muammar
al-Qaddafi. Farrakhan
also discusses his pivotal roles as organizer of the
Million Man March and
spokesman for African-American Muslims. 1998. 22 min.
(MPI home video)

Malcolm X stuff

Malcolm X: Make it Plain (available in home video or from PBS)

El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X) / WABC-TV. New York : McGraw-Hill
Films, 1978.
2 videocassettes (56 min.) (available in home video)

Malcolm X : militant black leader. Bala Cynwyd, PA : Schlessinger Video
Productions, c1992. 30 min.
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