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> I have been splicing broken videos for some time now. Yes, when the splice
> runs through the VCR head the screen jitters for a couple seconds, but that
> is all. I have never heard of anybody claiming damage to their VCR because a
> splice ran through their machine. Splicing a film and losing a couple of
> seconds beats replacing it. Although, I often order a replacement and
> circulate the spliced copy until the new one is catalogued. The splicing
> materials I use are little mylar tabs.
> Myles Jaeschke
> Tulsa City-County Library

We've been splicing videotapes for a long time, too.
However, the conventional overcaution(?) on splicing does
have some basis.

A *bad* splice *can* be a hazard. A splice that leaves too
much exposed adhesive (from the splicing tape) between the
two tape sections, can gum up the video heads passing over
them and compel a head cleaning. This is something usually
temporary. However, a bad splice that may cause the video
head to catch momentarily in a rare, freakish(?) way as it
runs over that tape section, might do damage to the head,
which I understand is rather delicate.

This last, at any rate, is the caution I've heard. Haven't
encountered it yet myself.


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