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Mary Bonhomme (
Thu, 6 May 1999 08:38:06 -0700 (PDT)

Leslie Andersen wrote:
> Hi all - I'm interested in those libraries that do NOT collect feature film
> video. Here at the County of Los Angeles Public Library, we collect
> feature film and IMO often too much. I know that many libraries do not
> collect it at all. How do you justify it? Do you have a written policy?
> How many complaints have you received? I'm looking to restrict the
> amount of feature film video we purchase here and am unabashedly
> looking for *ammunition*. Any comments on the issue are welcomed.
> Thanks very much -
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> Leslie Andersen
> Non-Print Materials Evaluator
> County of Los Angeles Public Library
Here in the Film/Video Center at Chicago Public Library, we purchase
both feature films, foreign and domestic, and educational videos,
although the volume is definitely more focused on the educational
materials. We do not buy feature films at "street date" but normally
wait until the prices go down. We will purchase up to 3 copies of a
title depending on popularity at the box office or performers. However,
if we have purchased as many as 3 copies of a title that disappear or
are not returned by patrons, we will not, with rare exception, replace