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James Smith (
Thu, 6 May 1999 08:09:45 -0700 (PDT)

Videos have become a huge factor in our circulation numbers over the past
several years, much of this owed to our increased emphasis on feature films.
I cannot imagine not buying them. The way I look at it, if we provide these
very popular materials and get our community to use the library, especially
at a young age, they will hopefully continue to use videos AND our other
services and materials throughout their lives.

It sometimes difficult to select a video which I consider to be of low
quality, but if I know that the video will circulate wildly I feel obligated
to buy it for my customers. My tastes may not the same as the members of
the very diverse communities I buy for, so I don't consider too many titles
off limits. I also think that it will become increasingly important for
public libraries to give people an alternative to the homogenization of the
video store market. DPL may not have the popular films on the shelves as
quickly or in the same quantity as a Blockbuster, (which just swallowed my
funky little video store) but we do, IMHO, have a collection of greater
depth and diversity, which includes nonfiction, fiction , foreign, classic,
art and you name it.

James G. Smith
Denver Public Library
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From: Leslie Andersen <LeslieA@LHQSMTP.COLAPL.ORG>
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Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999 4:15 PM
Subject: Feature films

>Hi all - I'm interested in those libraries that do NOT collect feature film
>video. Here at the County of Los Angeles Public Library, we collect
>feature film and IMO often too much. I know that many libraries do not
>collect it at all. How do you justify it? Do you have a written policy?
>How many complaints have you received? I'm looking to restrict the
>amount of feature film video we purchase here and am unabashedly
>looking for *ammunition*. Any comments on the issue are welcomed.
>Thanks very much -
>Leslie Andersen
>Non-Print Materials Evaluator
>County of Los Angeles Public Library