Summary of media booking systems

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Sat, 1 May 1999 12:20:55 -0700 (PDT)

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who responded to my recent
query regarding MediaNet! I passed your comments on to our library
director, and I'm sure your comments will be helpful in making a final

The comments regarding MediaNet were positive, particularly the customer
service aspect; that was mentioned by a number of current MediaNet users.

MediaNet's web address is:

A number of other systems were also mentioned:

Tek Data (Libertyville, IL)
Alexandria for Windows (COMpanion Corp., 800-347-6439)

The following are selected comments I received personally; a number of
other responses were posted previously on VIDEOLIB.
"We switched to Medianet in July 1997. The Medianet staff are
unbelievably helpful and responsive. It took us a little while to get
used to things, but we've never regretted the decision. In fact, the
transition was much easier than we expected".

J.F., Academic Library
"...In the year or so we took to investigate various systems, this one
compared very well. When we put out a bid, we received returns from
Brodart, Tek Data, MediaTrak and MediaNet, We visited Ottawa Carleton
School District, which is running MediaNet and are very happy with its

F.F., School Library System
"I investigated MediaNet in Jan. of 1998 as an alternative to our present
Tek Data media management system. We have a library of 18,000 items with
weekly deliveries and pick-ups throughout our county...Our findings on
Medianet were very positive regarding the look of the interface from the
user's (web) side. The rest of the interface was less than appealing.
Input for for cataloging utilized a bare bones Unix input screen. The
database purports to take MARC records, but...the records have to be

We concluded, and have been quite satisfied since that Tek Data was
really pretty flexible and friendly, although the internal interface is
menu based, not point and click. They are Y2K compliant and offer web
modules streaming video web delivery through the catalog and are working
on a U.S. MARC conversion module.

I've also talked to Companion about their Alexandria product which is now
available on Windows NT and offers Media Management capabilities, but is
not exclusively designed for that"

P.G., Academic Library

Again, a big thanks to all who responded!


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