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Cancer in Two Voices.
This film provides a glimpse into the real lives of two
lesbian women, Sandy
and Barbara, especially into their coping with Barbara's
breast cancer.
Sandy and Barbara had almost three years together from
the time Barbara's
cancer was diagnosed until her death in 1988. The film
is based on home
videotapes made during that time. 43 min.

Rachel's Daughters: Searching for the Causes of Breast Cancer /
Directed and edited by Allie Light and Irving Saraf.
Rachel's Daughters, the
first feature length film to be made about the causes of
breast cancer, is an
investigative documentary with a difference. Eight women
living with breast
cancer act as detectives, traveling across the country
interviewing scientists
and researchers about the possible causes of the
disease. These interviews
are woven together with historical footage, short
dramatizations and
emotional visualizations, creating an engaging detective
story. 1997. 107

Two of the best and most moving...

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