Re: bookmark for "good video choices"

Pierre J. Gregoire (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 10:31:46 -0700 (PDT)

Lisbeth, is a clear choice for current (and archived) selective
reviews for all ages, not to mention, witty!
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Lisbeth S. Goldberg wrote:

> In search of some recommedations on resources to assist patrons in > selecting videos from the shelf at a public library. It will be a > bookmark with perhaps "10 listings total" of websites, video guides, > newsletters, magazines, books, etc. The bookmark will be redone every > few months, so I'm looking for really useful, trendy, accurate resources, > but they don't have to be definitive. It will include a few listings > geared to adults, to adults guiding kids, and to kids... What might you > choose that I might not think of... > > Lisbeth S. Goldberg > Audiovisual Librarian at Arlington County Library, VA > Phone: (703)228-6339; Fax (703)228-5998