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Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:09:03 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Ken,

Alpha (800-442-5742, has secure DVD cases.


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> Videolibbers,
> Our library (large urban public library system, 28 locations) is about
> the unleash a large quantity of DVD's to our borrowers. Large to us
> means around 8,000 copies.
> We are wrestling with the security issues, as well. Several of you
> mention the 3M security system, which we also use. We have been assured
> by 3M that their product (center hub) will be available in the third
> quarter of this year. We also use KWIK cases for audio and video
> cassettes, but not for the CD-ROM's which we circulate. The KWIK case
> itself contains the security strip. However, the KWIK case people do
> not yet have a version available for DVD's. We are optimistic that the
> KWIK case prototype can be evaluated in the next few months.
> Our dilemma is what to do, if anything, security wise for the interim
> period while the industry stabilizes its packaging, etc. My personal
> guess is that each of our libraries may want a slightly different
> solution: some behind the desk, some to display empty containers, some
> put the entire item out (unsecured) and hope for the best.
> I will be reading with great interest to see if there are some clever
> solutions from among us that will work for our interim needs.
> Ken Katona
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> Cuyahoga County Public Library
> Parma, Ohio