Re: DVD security

Ken Katona (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 11:00:23 -0700 (PDT)


Our library (large urban public library system, 28 locations) is about
the unleash a large quantity of DVD's to our borrowers. Large to us
means around 8,000 copies.

We are wrestling with the security issues, as well. Several of you
mention the 3M security system, which we also use. We have been assured
by 3M that their product (center hub) will be available in the third
quarter of this year. We also use KWIK cases for audio and video
cassettes, but not for the CD-ROM's which we circulate. The KWIK case
itself contains the security strip. However, the KWIK case people do
not yet have a version available for DVD's. We are optimistic that the
KWIK case prototype can be evaluated in the next few months.

Our dilemma is what to do, if anything, security wise for the interim
period while the industry stabilizes its packaging, etc. My personal
guess is that each of our libraries may want a slightly different
solution: some behind the desk, some to display empty containers, some
put the entire item out (unsecured) and hope for the best.

I will be reading with great interest to see if there are some clever
solutions from among us that will work for our interim needs.

Ken Katona
AV Manager
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Parma, Ohio