Re: AV/media librarianship in public libraries.

Ralph Huntzinger (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 19:25:37 -0700 (PDT)


There are some "old ghosts" still lingering on the fringes of public
library mediaship; as one I will comment later -- just got off the
reference desk and have to pack and prepare to commute tomorrow night to
Oija, CA for a Renaissance Faire performance. (Why would anyone drive from
Seattle at 7:00 Thursday night to wear functional codpiece tights,
doublet, oversized shirt, and perform magic just outside LA all day
Saturday and Sunday; drive back at 7:00 Sunday night so they can teach
class at 8:00 Tuesday morning and get on a reference desk from 1:00 to
9:00? That will be part of the comment, next week.)

Ralph Huntzinger
Redmond / Shoreline Libraries
King County Library System, WA