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Wed, 14 Apr 1999 11:27:26 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Margaret,

We distribute a series of ten films that explore the range and depth of
family grief following a reproductive loss, including two that deal
specifically with SIDS:

SIDS: A Mother's Grief-Sensitive profile of a bereaved mother whose child
died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Explores her resolution of her grief
and its effects on her subsequent pregnancy. 20 min, color. Purchase: $125;
rent: $60.

SIDS: A Father's Grief--A portrait of the husband of the woman featured in
the preceding title, examining how his grief differed from his wife's. 21
min, color. Purchase: $125; rent: $60.

Other titles in the series are:

Children's Grief Following the Death of a Sibling
Loss of a Baby: The Father's Grief
Unresolved Grief and Its Effects on Subsequent Pregnancies
Loss of a Baby: Death of a Dream
Infertility and Adoption
Miscarriage and Stillbirth
Neonatal Death
The Birth of a Handicapped Baby

We are also the distributor of "Some Babies Die," one of the most honored
and acclaimed documentary films of the last 15 years. Narrrated by
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, this powerful documentary focuses on a family coping
with the death of a newborn. Under the guidance of a skilled and sensitive
medical team--a pediatrician, nurse, and psychologist--the family undergoes
a unique counseling process in which they are encouraged to work through
and resolve their grief. 55 min, color. Purchase: $195; rent: $60.

If you wish to purchase or rent any of these titles, please contact our
booking department at the following:

University of California Extension
Center for Media and Independent Learning
2000 Center Street, Fourth Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704
phone: 510-642-0460; fax: 510-643-9271

For more information about these films and others we distribute, please
visit our website at

Best regards,

Kate Spohr

>Dear Video brainiacs,
>I have a psych prof teaching death and dying this semester who
>has asked for either a documentary or feature film
>dealing with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (or, actually, the
>psychological effects of any type of infant death, by accident or
>disease, etc.)
>Anything come to mind?
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