Re: Good Friday movie
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 12:56:46 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jessica, Kristine and Susan,

Though to simplify the matter, the script-writer (whom I misspelled!) called
it "Christ in Concrete", it was the print's title on the screen, the Films
Inc. shipping case was labeled that, and Films Inc.' last comprehensive
catalog listed it as C.I.C. so you might want to check that first and
foremost. It might confuse the issue otherwise.

The story goes that I was young, French-language-deprived, and wondering lost
on the streets of Paris looking for the Cinematheque. An older man with his
wife was lugging this print from Films Inc. I offered to carry it for them to
the Cinematheque (being too embarrassed to tell them I was lost), and they
invited me to attend a screening with their friends. It was the screenwriter
and it turned out that the friends were fairly well-known filmmakers who all
wanted to see it.

Dennis Doros

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<< Believe it or not it has a THIRD title Salt to the Devil. I took out Films
Inc's 16mm. It was a good film. Kit Parker May have it now. Try ALL THREE
to make sure

Jessica Rosner
Kino >>