DIGITAL TV just around the corner

Thu, 8 Apr 1999 11:09:09 -0700 (PDT)

I posted this to Media-l a few days ago.
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OK, I am now focused on this millennial event!!

Last night I attended an open house at WUNC-TV's facilities at Research
Triangle Park, NC.
Here in NC our public tv facility has requested $65 milliion from the
legislature to complete
the upgrade.
Of course,it looks a 35mm slide in motion.
Supposedly the deadline for all TV stations to offer a digital signal is
2006, although it is contingent
on 85% of US households owning the new digital tv' it may take
longer for the implementation.
For those who can't afford it, there will be converter boxes allowing them
to see a letter- boxed
version of the new programming on their old ntsc tv's.
Individual tv stations will have to spend several millions to upgrade.
To keep up, it means purchasing new vcr's, tv's, cameras, satellite
receivers, etc.
So How does a college go about planning for this eventuality..????