Staffing for Academic Media Services

Kristine R. Brancolini (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 14:01:37 -0700 (PDT)

Indiana University Libraries is considering major changes in our media
services operation. I'm on a partial leave of absence from my position as
head of Media and Reserve Services, reports to one of the Associate Deans.
Currently, this position is responsible for Media and Reserve Services,
which operates a joint service desk (circulation and reference) and a
Media Center. The staff includes three full-time clericals and 25 student
employees. The librarian is also the bibliographer for a substantial
media fund and for the cinema fund. The basic idea for change is to
separate the service desk and media center from the bibliographer. The
administration wants the Access Services department to supervise the
service desk, media stacks, and Media Center. The bibliographer would
work out of a separate office, perhaps with the other bibliographers or
in the Digital Library Program -- if I continue to be the bibliographer.
I do not believe that this situation is typical, but I could be wrong.

I've been asked to find out how other academic libraries handle this
operation. Could those of you who work in large academic libraries send
me a description of your staffing and service configuration? I am
particularly interested in hearing from libraries where the bibliographer
or media selector is not responsible for the circulation desk or the media
center. What are the pros and cons of this situation? However, all
descriptions and comments are welcome. Please respond to me rather than
the list. Thanks!

Kristine Brancolini, Acting Director
Digital Library Program
Indiana University Libraries