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Natives: Immigrant Bashing on the Border.
Documentary on the xenophobia of some Americans living
in California
along the U.S.-Mexican border. Reacting to the influx of
aliens, who they believe are draining community
resources and committing
crimes, they are forming activist organizations in an
attempt to keep potential
immigrants out. 28 min. (FILMAKERS LIBRARY)

Go Back to Mexico!.
In 1992, 2.5 million illegal immigrants came to the
United States. This film
examines the fears about economic costs and social and
political disruption
to the United States and the growing public opposition
to illegal immigration,
particularly in California. 1994. 57 min. (PBS)

Mexican Tapes: A Chronicle of Life Outside the Law.
Chronicles the life of illegal Mexican immigrants in a
small border community
near San Diego, California, as seen by an outsider. 108
min. (Cinema Guild--I think; this
was made in 1985...a bit old but still pretty good)

Miles From the Border.
Describes the changes that have taken place in the last
twenty years in an
agricultural community north of Los Angeles. A brother
and sister describe
how they migrated from a rural Mexican village to the
town and tell what it is
like to live in a world divided between Anglos and
Chicanos. 16 min.
(New Day Films)

and, of course, the ever-popular El Norte...again on the market and
available from Ingram, B&T, Facets, et al.

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>Can any of you knowleable folks suggest a good video (or two or...) dealing
>with illegal aliens and/or U.S.-Mexico border problems?
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