Re: Video Showing in Libraries

Kino International Corporation (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 15:36:48 -0800 (PST)

Boy do you guys have a bad lawyer. I trust you did not pay him for that advice.
I think Stan basically covered the legal issue which is of course NO you
can not show them without a licence THATS WHY THEY HAVE FBI WARNINGS. What
I usuallly tell people ( mostly at Universities) who somehow think that "
not charging admission" means a public screening is OK is to try putting on
a producion of OKLAHOMA without charging admission and telling the Rodgers
& Hammerstein people you don't have to pay royalties. They would sue you so
fast your head would spin.
I do disagree with Stan about libraries buying tapes with PPR included.
This works ok for educational material but not with feature films. Kino and
a number of small companies do sell tapes with PPR ( but they cost a lot
more than tapes without PPR) but studios DO NOT. They only way you can show
Hollywood movies is by licencing them either for individual showings or
blanket licence to cover a group of titles for a year. You need to figure
out what kind of things you want to program , what your budget is and
proceed from there. I would advice being flexible and there are many titles
you just can not get PPR on.

Anyway good luck and tell your lawyer to get a refresher course in copyright

Jessica Rosner