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Stan Diamond (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 13:51:53 -0800 (PST)

There are definitely legal issues. The use you are suggesting would be
considered 'Public Performance". It does not matter if you are non-profit,
or if you charge. The fact that you are showing the videos to the general
public make it public performance. In order to do this without making
yourselves liable you should only show videos and movies for which you hav
public performance rights. It is because of this that most libraries insist
on only purchasing videos that have public performance rights. Check with
your aquisitions person to know what rights were purchased with the videos
you intend to show.


>I have the opportunity to show videos (children and adult) in our library.
>We have a large TV scene we use for Distance Learning and it was suggested
>that we setup viewing for families, teens, and/or others who enjoy
>videos/movies. This would be on a monthly basis with no charge. The
>purpose would be to get people into the library and promote our video
>collection. Are there any legal issues I need to be aware of? I did a
>book and a movie for some months and our lawyer advised me that since we
>were nonprofit and we did not charge for viewing the videos, there were no
>legal issues. I would like some input from anyone who has experience in
>this area. I know there has been some discussion of public performance
>rights on this listserv, however, I have not been able to follow the
>discussion on a consistent basis. Thank you for your help in this matter.
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