Re: movies on special events gone awry

Jonathan Miller (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 10:37:40 -0800 (PST)

Is it too late for one more ?

BLACK SUNDAY (Terrorist Blimp attacks Super Bowl)

J Miller

At 09:08 AM 3/25/99 -0800, you wrote:
>A couple of people wanted to see the list of what everyone suggested for
>"special events gone awry". I'll probably pare it down some for my boss.
>(Maybe not, he can handle it.) Thanks again to everyone.
>-Jeff P.
>Wayne State University
>Detroit, MI
>Presented in the order in which received, or thought of:
>Father of the bride
>The Graduate - wedding
>Alligator - wedding
>A Wedding (Altman)
>16 Candles - birthday
>Wedding banquet (Ang Lee)
>Philadelphia Story - wedding
>Some like it hot - ganster convention interruped by gunplay
>Wedding singer
>Four weddings and a funeral
>Carrie - prom
>Home alone
>Adventures in babysitting
>It happened one night - wedding
>I married a monster from outer space
>There's something about Mary - prom (ouch!)
>National Lampoon's Vacation
>It's Alive - birth (fatal for hospital staff)
>Fireman's Ball
>Mr. Blanding builds his dream house
>Money pit
>Wrong box - death
>Night at the opera
>Discrete charm of the Bourgeoisie - dinner party
>Exterminating Angel - dinner party
>Betsy's wedding
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