Re: movies on special events gone awry

Jeffrey Pearson (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 09:10:35 -0800 (PST)

A couple of people wanted to see the list of what everyone suggested for
"special events gone awry". I'll probably pare it down some for my boss.
(Maybe not, he can handle it.) Thanks again to everyone.

-Jeff P.
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

Presented in the order in which received, or thought of:

Father of the bride
The Graduate - wedding
Alligator - wedding
A Wedding (Altman)
16 Candles - birthday
Wedding banquet (Ang Lee)
Philadelphia Story - wedding
Some like it hot - ganster convention interruped by gunplay
Wedding singer
Four weddings and a funeral
Carrie - prom
Home alone
Adventures in babysitting
It happened one night - wedding
I married a monster from outer space
There's something about Mary - prom (ouch!)
National Lampoon's Vacation
It's Alive - birth (fatal for hospital staff)
Fireman's Ball
Mr. Blanding builds his dream house
Money pit
Wrong box - death
Night at the opera
Discrete charm of the Bourgeoisie - dinner party
Exterminating Angel - dinner party
Betsy's wedding