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Catherine Moore (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 06:03:19 -0800 (PST)

This bit of info will only interest those of you in public
libraries. The company, Blackboard Entertainment (800-968-2261) offers
children's videos for programming that are good quality/low cost. I know
it's a big problem in small libraries to find affordable programming
videos. Note that I said they sell "good" quality videos; for the best
children's videos, you'll need to go directly to Weston Woods, Phoenix,
Bullfrog, Davenport Films, etc, and other "real film" companies.
My experience with Quality and also Unique Books, which does pretty
much the same thing (marks up the price and gives you PPR), is that they
sometimes cannot provide the titles they list, and almost never can
provide replacements. I can't think of any titles I've seen from them
that would be suitable for programming..
Reading Rainbow videos ( $45. each or less) from GPN (800-306-2330)
come with PPR

ulie Quaid wrote:

> Hello,
> Our library is working on our video collection. We would like to
> purchase videos with public performance rights. Does anyone know of
> distributors that offer
> public performance rights with all their videos?
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