Re: question from filmmaker/distributor

Chris Lewis (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 06:15:12 -0800 (PST)


probably the best time of year for me in terms of receiving catalogs is
the weeks prior to each semester (late August and early January) but a
catalog with high-quality titles is welcome anytime.

Regarding the provision of a list of people who use video in the
classroom, there is a privacy issue as well as a harassment factor that
prevents me from assisting in this kind of thing. There are a few video
distributors that blanket our campus with mailings and have resulted in
my having spent an inordinate amount of effort and expense arranging
previews and 30-day approvals for titles that were absolute dogs. I
understand that you can't afford to waste money on unneccessary mailings
but my relationship with individual faculty members is sacred and I
wouldn't consider giving their names to vendors without a professor's
expressed interest.
You could cut your mailings down by limiting them to certain
departments however. At AU, our heaviest users are from the following
departments: Literature, Communications, Sociology, Performing Arts,
Business, International Service, Public Administration, History,
Anthropology, Sociology, Language and Foreign Studies, and Women's

Chris Lewis
American U