Re: Headphone Security

Thu, 18 Mar 1999 05:45:28 -0800 (PST)

I could be wrong, but the resulting carrells would seem to be kluttzy or
cumbersome to the
users. If you use a cord to restrain the remote control, The headphone
cable might get tangled with it.

CD stores have arrangements with the remote controls fastened down to the

When we loan headphones and such, we ask for collateral, such as a driver's
license or
student ID...99.9% of the time they bring the things back.
Plus, we use mini headphones which only cost
about $6.00 for cd's and cassettes,, and mono over-the ear Telex ones for
the video viewers ($15.).
A number of students have their own mini-headphones for use with their
walkmen, and nobody wants
to steal the Telexes.

To my mind the advantage of remote controls is that they reduce wear and
tear on the machines.
These too can be purchased cheaply...$15.00 for programmable generic ones.
(The disadvantage of
the generic ones is that they don't always have all the menu
functions...however, for public use,
probably the only functions you need are the basics: play, stop, FF,
Rewind, pause, maybe Record.)

I have seen installations in which the remote controls are fastened to the
wall (read desktop), and
the signal is relayed to the machinery through a sensor relay device.
(Actually,I rememember one
in which I though the signal was sent through a metal conduit (panduit)
without this possible?)

Hope this helps.