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Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:12:55 -0800 (PST)

Also, ensure that you have the date of production of the videos in
your catalog, we find it extremely frustrating that many distributors
neglect this essential info. Many times this is a determining factor for
considering an item for preview.

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> When sending materials to faculty, I think that it would be best to send
> out smaller fliers with targeted subject areas
rather than a big catalog with everything in it.
> However, if you have to send out an omnibus catalog, it should be clearly
> indexed by subject areas.
> I think the most important part is to saves them time. They are more
> likely to peruse your titles if they can to
> get to the relevant ones quickly.
> I guess the model for this is Films for the Humanities.
> Another advantage to this approach is that I can distribute the relevant
> fliers to people I know would be interested.
> Good luck.