RE: Laserdisc Storage

Wed, 17 Mar 1999 09:46:19 -0800 (PST)


i don't have an answer for your laserdisc storage question (sorry) but
i'm wondering which vendor you purchased those space-saving shelving
from. we're thinking about getting shelving like that. does it work all
right, other than the laserdisc problem?


gerie ventura
highline community college
media services
des moines, washington

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> Subject: Laserdisc Storage
> Hello Everyone,
> I've got a question for all of your collective vidiolib brains. Do any
> of
> you have a good way of storing laserdiscs? We have space-saving
> shelving to
> store our video tapes on. The kind that move when you turn the crank.
> Our
> laserdiscs are stored on the end, stationary shelf. They take up
> almost two
> full shelves. The problem is it is hard for my female student
> employees to
> move them when looking for a title that's in the middle because they
> are so
> heavy, and awkward. We are cramped into a very small office space
> thanks to
> the wonderful minds in our Campus Planning Department who have no idea
> what
> we do or how much space we need, so there's not much room for
> improvising.
> Thanks for any ideas that you can offer.
> Jim Glenn
> Manager, Media Library
> University of California, Riverside