Re: Value of the Arts for Children

Pierre J. Gregoire (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 08:23:24 -0800 (PST)

An excellent series is still available from GPN (the "Reading Rainbow"
folks) called "The Big A" (1986 & 87). The 15 minute videos are at the
primary level and are very popular with our teachers and the school
district preschool programs we service.
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Nancy Miller wrote:

> One of our city-wide teams that deals with children being "ready to
> learn" is interested in locating videos that stress the value of
> the arts for children, especially preschoolers on the subjects of
> music, drawing/painting, visiting museums etc. The idea is to have
> at least one video available that deals with the importance of
> cultural and recreational opportunities for young children that
> speakers/presenters could use to spotlight this topic for
> parents, day care providers etc.
> I'm not having much success finding anything to recommend. Does
> anyone on the list have titles they could recommend and where to
> purchase?
> Thanks in advance.
> Nancy Miller
> Collection Development Librarian
> Virginia Beach Public Library
> Virginia Beach, VA

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