Re: Promoting videos

M. Dew (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 14:14:35 -0800 (PST)

Wow, good question, Marguerite.
We've taken to instituting a weekly, Friday lunchtime, (brownbag)
screening of newly acquired documentaries (of 60 min or less running
time). We call it our Friday Documentary Showcase. I PICK THE
SELECTIONS (it's fun, gives me a sense of power, lets me justify my
acquisitions, etc.) Check out our website for the listing of our
(oops) January programs
Even if faculty can't make it to a particular screening, they see a
title and description on one of our flyers or on the website and that
has also perked their interest. I try to pick a variety of programs:
social sciences, womens studies (for this month), some "hard"
science, history, etc.
What have y'all tried?

-Margaret Dew
Dallas, TX

> Hello Videolibers - I am hoping that some of you can share with me your
> strategies for promoting your videos to the academic staff. Our old ways are
> not working all that well and I am trying to find new ideas and some methods
> that are working for you. If you can help I would be very grateful.
> Marguerite