Re: People of the Wind
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:21:46 -0800 (PST)

Dear Dave,

What! You misplaced the 1999 Milestone catalog!!!

I'm told it's indispensable by many of my best friends. The neighbors use it
as a guide to the lending library. Our 3-year-old son thinks it's a great
coloring book. The FBI spends hours trying to decipher its secret message to
the members of the ultra-radical "Free Scarsdale" coalition. Don't ask what
our cats do with it.

So few pages, so many uses!

Anyway, we are releasing "People of the Wind" after eight years in search of
the rightful owner and a year to restore the sound and image. We actually
just showed an old print of it at the UC Theater in Berkeley last month.

A beautiful (and very, very expensive) high-def video transfer has been made
and we're just about to edit the sound and subtitles to the master. So it's
going to take a few months before we're ready to bring it out. I'll put the
new release info out on Videonews when it's ready but you can always call in
May to see what's happening with the film.

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video
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New York, NY 10025
phone: (800)603-1104
fax: (212) 222-8952

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<< Dear helpful folks,
I have a professor searching for the classic old documentary "People of the
Wind" in VHS format. I recently saw an advertisement for this title now
being released in VHS format but have misplaced it. Can anyone provide
info as to a distributor?

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