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Jonathan Miller (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:14:42 -0800 (PST)

Dear Jessica, Beth, Marilyn (et al),

Let me try and clarify things, a little bit ...

First Run Features has home video rights (only) to the title "Say Amen
Somebody". They do not have any other rights to this particular title.

First Run/Icarus Films, Inc., which is a separate company, does the
non-theatrical distribution for all of First Run Features' titles. We are
the only company authorized to sell or license Public Performance Rights to
titles released by First Run Features on home video. (We also do classroom
rentals for their films, but not semi-theatrical).

However, in this case, as First Run Features does not have and never has had
non-theatrical or Public Performance Rights to "Say Amen Sombody", First
Run/Icarus Films, Inc. has not and does not distribute it.

We will be printing and mailing later this month over 10,000 copies of a new
booklet "Lower Priced Videos with Public Performance Rights" which will list
and describe about 125 First Run Features titles that have been released on
home video and for which we hold the non-theatrical and Public Performance

In addition to First Run Features' titles, we also distribute many other
films, over 500, that we have acquired ourselves directly, that are not on
home video, and for which we are the only distributor. These titles are
listed and described in our "1997 Catalog" and our "1999 Catalog Supplement".

I don't know if this has helped in any way, I know it is a bit confusing.
If there are still some un-answered questions about either "Say Amen
Somebody" or the relationship between the two companies I will be happy to
try and answer them.


Jonathan Miller

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