Turn Off Your TV Week Update

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Found at the Library Media & PR website

Turn Off That Thing And Visit My Library Darnit!

<Picture: Use this graphic on your Website!>Whether you subscribe to the
"TV is evil" philosophy or just want to call attention to your library's
traditional services, the National TV-Turnoff Week is something you will
want to know about.

On April 22-28, 1999, millions of individuals will voluntarily turn off
the TV sets for seven days and, in the words of the event's sponsors,
"will rediscover that life can be more constructive, rewarding, healthy
even informed with more time and less TV."

Maybe or maybe not, but one thing is sure with the TV off, there will be
a lot of time to do other things like visit your library!

This event will get considerable play even on that nasty old TV and you
may as well take advantage of it. For the minuscule investment of ten
bucks you can get a comprehensive Organizer's Kit with lots of ideas,
press materials and usable artwork for your local campaign. Visit the
TV-Free America Website at http://www.tvfa.org/index.html, phone (202)
887-0436, fax: (202) 518-5560 or email" tvfa@essential.org for more

And feel free to filch the nifty "Break Free Of TV!" graphic from this
page for use on your Website. (It's breakfree.gif, 225px. X 183px.,
5.25KB and is transparent for use with graphic backgrounds) .
{Graphic not attached}
A bit above this on the page are some nice graphics and a little story
about asking your librarian about information about the Academy Awards
(which fortunately, I guess, are not presented during Turn Off Your TV

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