Re: Spanish language videos
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 14:01:20 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mary Gontarek,

I saw your inquiry about videos on sexual and domestic abuse topics on
VideoLib. The Cinema Guild distributes three videos on these topics that are
either in Spanish with English subtitles or English with Spanish subtitles. I
have provided descriptions and US dollar prices for these videos below. The
prices listed are with public performance rights. If you are only going to
use the videos to loan out to your patrons the may be purchased at the
following discounts:

$99.95 each when you purchase 1 video cassette
$89.95 each when you purchase 2 video cassettes
$79.95 each when you purchase 3 video cassettes
$69.95 each when you purchase 4 or more video cassettes

Shipping and handling is $6.50 for the first tape, $3.00 for the second tape
and $1.00 for each additional tape. To order just fax or mail us a purchase
order, send a money order or check in US dollars or phone with a credit card
number(Mastercard, VISA or AMEX). Please feel free to contact me at the
numbers indicated below if you have any questions about ordering.

This short drama portrays the problem of domestic violence within the Latino
community. The video focuses on a Hispanic family, showing how the father's
machismo has intimidated both wife and daughter into continual fear of
physical abuse and alienated the son who resents his father's authoritarian
attitudes. Based on extensive research and interviews with battered Latinas,
the film is designed to raise awareness and stimulate discussion of this
complex issue.
Directed by Pablo Figueroa
1988, color, 50 mins., video
Spanish with English Subtitles
Purchase: $250 Rental: $80
"...poignant...This convincingly acted video should raise awareness of some of
the roots of domestic violence and offer support to others in similar
circumstances."—Booklist (American Library Association)
"A well made drama...demonstrates the factors that keep women in battering
situations."—Choice: A Guide to Film and Video About Women's Reproductive
Health & Freedom (Media Network)

Filmmaker Sheldon Schiffer offers an intimate and revealing portrait of his
immigrant Central American family woven from his own childhood memories and
reminiscences of his grandparents, mother and aunt. In interviews conducted
during the last months of his life, Schiffer's grandfather, Adam Morales
("Tata"), the family patriarch, discusses his notions of what it was to be a
man--including the need to command respect, macho notions of sexuality,
emotional outbursts coupled with the threat of physical violence, and sexist
notions of childrearing. These "memories of Tata" are contrasted with the
often painful recollections of his estranged wife and two daughters. By
looking at his grandfather's life and character, the filmmaker raises
questions about the cultural context that shaped it, and shows how exaggerated
expressions of male identity can cost a man the love of his entire family.
Directed by Sheldon Schiffer
1994, color, 52 mins., video
Spanish Version Available
Purchase: $295 Rental: $95

Examines the problem of child abuse and its root causes and shows current
methods of treatment and prevention. The film includes interviews with
parents, doctors, counselors and other professionals, as well as former
victims of child abuse, stressing the need for an interdisciplinary approach
to this far-reaching problem. The film also counters several of the most
prevalent myths about child abuse, shows some of the many information and
counseling services available, and outlines current efforts, on both a state
and federal level, to enact child welfare legislation.
Directed by Leonard Kurz
1984, color, 29 mins., video
Spanish Version Available
Purchase: $250 Rental: $50
* Finalist, John Muir Medical Film Festival
* Magna Cum Laude Award, Medikinale International Parma
* * Highly Recommended "...appropriate for general audiences and specific
groups that are more prone to inflict child abuse, including young, single,
and disadvantaged parents. In addition, it will be useful to show this film to
senior high school students, many of whom will be high-risk parents within a
short time."—Science Books & Films
" effective portrayal...would serve well as a focus for discussion groups
in high schools, church groups, and professional settings such as community
mental health centers."—Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy