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Taylor's Campaign
Directed and Edited by Richard Cohen
Narrated by Martin Sheen
Produced by Amy Kofman and Richard Cohen

Taylor's Campaign is an "intimate and powerful" documentary about
unforgettable hardworking
people living in cardboard lean-tos in luxurious Santa Monica, California,
dumpster diving for

When new laws threaten their existence, a penniless truck driver Ron Taylor
runs for Santa
Monica city council as a voice for tolerance.

Taylor's Campaign tells the story of one community's treatment of people
who are homeless, yet
"the film is a mirror of what is happening around the country" (Street
Sheet, San Francisco).
The issues of human dignity, unemployment, poverty, civil rights, substance
abuse, contact with
the criminal justice system, inadequate social-service resources,
day-to-day existence on the street, hunger, affordable housing, politics,
impact of public policy on individuals, charitable work, safety, hope vs.
hopelessness -- all these issues are universal and poignantly conveyed.

In one scene, volunteers provide free meals to hungry people in a public
park while across town a
city councilman urges passage of an ordinance prohibiting the charitable
giving of food in public

Taylor's Campaign brings the viewer far from the political trail, into a
compassionate and
harrowing world we ordinarily pass by. It is a moving experience; one that
engages audiences,
provoking lively, thoughtful discussion. Recommended for undergraduate and
graduate programs, researchers, high schools, public libraries and any
person interested in homelessness.

"Excellent...cuts right to the heart of the plight of the homeless. The
widening gap
in America between the haves and have-nots could not be more dramatically
demonstrated than in affluent, beautiful Santa Monica. "
--Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

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"You are looking into the mind of home video. It is innocent, it is aimless,
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