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Elizabeth Stanley (Elizabeth@BULLFROGFILMS.COM)
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 10:15:06 -0800 (PST)


On issues of popular culture, Bullfrog Films offers "Douglas Coupland:
Close Personal Friend," produced by Jennifer Cowan, Planet X
Productions, VHS, 25 min, 1996.

Douglas Coupland coined the term "Generation X" in his book of the same
name. Also the author of Microserfs, Coupland has earned a reputation
as a guru of the emerging information culture.

"A witty and often engaging pensee (accent acute) on what happens to the
mind, body, and soul of the individual in an accelerating and rapidly
changing culture. Recommended." Video Librarian

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Do you have any ideas/suggestions of videos that deal with issues on
popular culture. This is from the same Humanities instructor that asked
about low riders (the one video that dealt with cars was too expensive
her budget - $250 but she's still looking for footage of the cars,
She already has some videos on rap music, uses Style Wars for graffitti
but felt sure that our friends on the listserve would come up with some
ideas that she has not yet thought of....

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