Re: Two searches

judie porter (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 06:24:51 -0800 (PST)

The Learning Corporation videos are distributed by Coronet. The American
Revolution videos are still available (it's two parts--Cause of Liberty and
Impossible war). $59. each.

Toll free number is 800-321-3106.

Hope this helps.
Judie Porter,
Portsmouth Schools, RI

Agee, Jane wrote:

> 1. Does anyone know where we can secure videos of the performance
> artist Kiki Smith? Specifically we need "Kiki Smith" by Inter Tube
> Video and "Kiki in the Flesh" by Pow Wow Productions - both in NYC but
> no longer listed according to directory assistance. I suspect these
> are OP. Neither Electronic Arts Intermix or Video Data Bank have any
> of the videos on her or her work.
> 2. Is anyone distributing the Learning Corp. of America videos. One
> of our graduate students needs "The American Revolution: the Cause of
> Liberty" for his dissertation and for teaching. Being a 1971 release,
> I suspect it too is OP.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jane Agee
> Duke University Library
> 919-660-5886