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Hot damn, Randy! You're right. Just shows you how much we all pay
attention to you...


>In our last issue I reviewed "Barbie Nation" under the headline
>"Deconstructing Barbie." I have heard of headlines taking on a life of their
>own before (people looking for the PBS "Lewis & Clark" have actually asked
>for it under our headline "Bill & Meriwether's Excellent Adventure"). Could
>this be the case here? Also, Filmakers Library distributes a pretty decent
>Barbie title called "I, Doll."
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>>We have the videos "Barbie Nation" and "Becoming Barbie"...and still we're
>>not satisfied .
>>Anyone got a lead on the video (not the book) "Deconstructing Barbie"?
>>Can't seem to track down the distributor anywhere.
>>Gary Handman
>>(hey, how come Matel never came out with a video librarian Barbie and Ken
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