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Jean McCarron (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:44:12 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Michael Vollmar-Grone wrote:

> We have recently automated our public library, which is wonderful.
> However, one of the advantages of a manual system was knowing when to
> clean videos at regular usage intervals e.g. when the checkout card is
> full, it's time to clean the video and type a new card.
> Does anyone have a suggestion how regular cleaning may be triggered with
> an automated system (Dynix)? We have 7,500 videos to track. Id like
> to use the RTI regularly again instead of having an expensive rewinder.
> TIA.
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> Michael Vollmar-Grone
> Amos Memorial Public Library
> 230 East North Street
> Sidney, Ohio 45365

We are a Dynix (and RTI) library and had a small custom program written to
trigger the status at CKI to "send for cleaning" at every "XX" uses. This
number can be adjusted easily at any time through recall. We added a
"being cleaned" status to our status' list so that the circ LA could
changed status before setting aside on cleaning shelves. Given the way our
library feels about paying for any Dynix custom programming, I would guess
it didn't cost very much to do this.

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