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Apropos DVD technology and durability, could someone explain to
me the major differences between the construction of CDs (which
seem to be very tolerant of heavy handling) and DVDs. Thanks in

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DVD Durability

You may want to collect anectdotal info from your local video stores who
circulate these. We haven't jumped in yet but I hear the local stores are
experiencing many durability problems and complaints from customers.

At 10:32 AM 2/10/99 -0800, you wrote:
>This is reallllly off the top of the head, and with little but anecdotal
>evidence, Kris, but we've found that DVD's seem for some reason to be more
>susceptible to errors due to dirt and grim than laser. Don't know if this
>is just a quirk...if it's due to a more finely tuned read mechanism in DVD,
>or differences in the physical medium.
>Gary Handman
>>We haven't collected DVDs long enough to have any data on durability yet.
>>There are anecdotes suggesting that DVDs are easily damaged. Have any of
>>your libraries experienced problems with DVD durability? I'm hoping some
>>of you have had DVDs in circulation long enough to have anecdotal
>>information of your own! Thanks.
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