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Oksana Dykyj (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 10:39:28 -0800 (PST)

Hi Listers,

I've been asked to evaluate the Human Resources Development Canada website
for their Office of Learning Technologies, and have found some material
that may be of interest to this group.

Take a look at their Glossaries of Learning Technologies Terms:
It spans CD-ROMs Computer Networks, Computer Technology, Educational
Technology, Internet, multimedia, satellite etc.

There's also the Learning Technologies Bibliography:
It's not as current as we all demand, but it deals with educational
technology and distance ed, and might be worth keeping for that one person
who needs the info.

Their Learning Technologies Newsstand is updated Monday through Friday and
articles are retained for several days.
Two articles today are: _Textbooks and Tests That Talk Back: New software
allows professors to provide instant feedback to students_ and _Free
browser-based Web conferencing_.

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