TV Turn-Off Week - Another view
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 07:13:20 -0800 (PST)

Anyone who doesn't like to watch TV is free to turn theirs off. No one forces
us to subscribe to cable. If you think no-tv for a week will make you more
enlightened, intelligent, cosmically-aware then fine. In fact why not get rid
of your TV altogether? Bet you don't. Naw, you'll slink back to the boob-tube
to catch that Seinfeld re-run...remember...the one where Seinfeld, Kramer, et.
al. tried to see who could go without sex the longest. A silly game that felt
better when it was over. So is no-tv week. The no-tv campaign issue is old
news. Tired and worn-out like a pair of dirty socks with holes in them that
the pretentiously high-minded like to pull out of the hamper from time to time
and wave around. You pro-no-TV folks remind me of the elitist view a friend of
mine from Denmark laid on me in the seventies. That is, America was corrupt
because we had too many TV channels to choose from. In Denmark they had one.
Andit didn't come on until 7 pm each day. It went off at 11. Yeah the
government controlled Danish TV. And when I was there guess what people did
in the evening?

Francis Poole
Coordinator, Media Services
University of Delaware Library
Newark, Delaware