Re: TV Turn-Off

Marilyn Huntley (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 07:38:12 -0800 (PST)


Did you read all the way to the end of Leonard Zapala's message? It wasn't
he who said the stuff at the beginning of his videolib posting.

1. Where he appears to begin with "Videolibers: As ALA staff I am rather
constrained...." that's just a forwarding of Irene Woods' message.

2. Next, he has included M. Dew's message that says "WOO HOO! (that's Texan
for "you go girl!").

3. Then, he has Francis Poole's message that begins, " It amazes me that
the President of ALA would support the indiscriminate boycotting...."

4. And finally, 'way down at the bottom, we get to read his own addition to
the string: "Why doesn't ALA deal with the "corporate welfare" issue of
HDTV which makes all our equipment and video collections useless in just a
few years. Talk about a budget buster!"

I hope this helps.
Marilyn Huntley
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